Revolutionizing the Take n’ Bake Meal Game

When you think of take home meals, you might think of frozen dinner meals, or stale sandwiches from the deli section of a grocery store. Yes, these meals are convenient and cheap, but who really enjoys them? Revolution Market takes a different approach to this basic and often boring meal experience!

Revolution Market offers the city of Fort Collins the opportunity to not only have meals that are quick and affordable, but also delicious, nutritious, and locally sourced. Revolution’s take home meals revolutionize the take home meal game by producing new and exciting meal packages each and every week! Some of our favorite meals from last month’s take home meal selection were our cheeseburger mac and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, and our unique take on a classic dish—ratatouille. The market offers other popular dishes including our take and bake chicken burritos, lettuce wraps, hummus, cucumber gazpacho and so much more. Bigger take home meals like our shrimp griller make cooking for guests and friends effortless! Our menu rotates every week, but each take home meal comes with cooking and heating instructions to help make your meal experience all the more enjoyable and delicious.

Revolution Market Mac and Cheese Take Home Meal Fort Collins Grocery Store and Deli

Revolution Market’s take home meals are not only convenient and delicious, but a fun and affordable way to spice up any at home date night. You can prepare our meals with ease and show your guests how talented a cook you truly are…don’t worry, we won’t tell them you didn’t actually cook it! 😉 Just want to enjoy an evening to yourself? No problem! Our meals make it easy to enjoy a delicious and nutritious dinner with portions generous enough to savor for another night by ordering from our market on Fort Collin’s Order Up app or website.

Revolution Market’s take home meals truly have revolutionized the take home meal game! So, next time you’re thinking about having a frozen dinner meal, ordering take out or just craving a delicious meal, stop by Revolution Market and pick up one of our scrumptious take home meals.

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