It’s getting hot in here!

Even though summer is fading, you can still warm up your taste buds! Summer time means hot days filled with fun and exciting activities, and Revolution Market has a variety of products to help keep the end of your summer kickin’ with hot and spicy flavors.

Now is the perfect time to add a little spice to your meals. For example, you can take any classic grilling cuisine and create something new and exciting by adding one of our locally made hot sauces. Pick up some Horsetooth Hot Sauce and mix it in your burger patties to spice up a summer classic. We carry three of their amazing and exciting flavors: “The Green”, “The ‘O’ Face”, and their “Rubin’s Red.” This spicy and fun hot sauce is made locally right here in Fort Collins, Colorado!

For your end-of-summer fiesta, check out our Colorado Hot Sauce. Add one of their 5 spicy sauces for a kick your taste buds won’t regret. Pair any summer taco with Colorado’s Hot Sauce for a meal that is fuego in taste and excitement. If you want to add even more spice to your summertime fiesta, grab a container of salsa made by Gilberto’s Gourmet Goodness. Gilberto’s offers salsas of all spice levels. If spicy isn’t your game, then try Gilberto’s “Sort of Smokin’ Salsa” that’s tame. Gilberto’s Gourmet Goodness believes that the tastiest and healthiest gourmet foods start with farm-fresh produce. That’s why their “Smokin’ Hot Green Chili Salsa” is the freshest in town. Experience bursts of fresh flavor in every bite!

Looking for a little bit of spice and hotness in your summer drinks? Don’t worry, Revolution Market has you covered. Our market offers local and zesty Bloody Mary mixes from a variety of local businesses including: The Real Dill, and Bolder Bean’s Mary’s Mornin’ Fixxer. These mixes will take your summertime adult beverage to the next level and insure you have a bloody good time! The Real Dill’s Bloody Mary mix is hand crafted in Denver, Colorado and is a spicy mix inspired by the company’s habanero horseradish dill pickles.

Revolution Market also offers a refreshing twist to a popular spicy ingredient. Are you a fan of jalapenos? Then you will love Revolution Artisan Pop’s grapefruit jalapeno pop. This pop combines the bold flavors of jalapeno with the refreshing and delicious tastes of grapefruit. Revolution Artisan Pops are handmade at our market, right in the heart of Fort Collins. All our pops are preservative and dye free, and contain no artificial ingredients. We make our pops a sweet and simple treat that you can feel good about eating! In our market produce section, we also have some locally grown Biker Billy jalapeno peppers- get them before we run out!

So, hang on to the summer heat just a little longer, and stop by Revolution Market to spice up your life and your taste buds…. Dig in!

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