Kombucha- an introduction

When you hear “on tap” in Fort Collins, most people think of the plethora of local breweries and craft beer, but Revolution Market is hiding a special “on tap” secret: Kombucha. You may have heard of this effervescent, fermented, and lightly sweet drink but what is it really?

kombucha revolution market fort collins

Kombucha is a fermented tea that can be made out of anything from mushrooms to black tea, yerba mate or whatever other mixture the brewer chooses. Then a SCOBY, or Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, is added- you can even see remnants of it floating around in bottled kombucha. This may sound gross at first, but is essential to getting good bacteria and live and active cultures into the drink! In addition to kombucha being a delicious and totally unique flavor experience, there’s a multitude of health benefits that come with it. First there are pro-biotics living in kombucha that aid digestion, and have benefits similar to the live and active cultures in yogurt. Kombucha is also rich in antioxidants: free radical fighting substances are your body’s first line of defense against harmful carcinogens. Finally, the acidic nature of kombucha is known to help your body release toxins and increase blood flow!

Revolution Market kombucha fort collins

You can make Kombucha at home, but that may take some trial and error. That’s why we leave our Kombucha to the pros at Rowdy MermaidTurtle Mountain Tea, Joon Kombucha, Happy Leaf,  Bootleg Boocha, and other great Colorado kombucha makers! The kombuchas they brew and we serve in store and locally fermented and served fresh on tap. All the brands offer a variety of flavors, including current selections like Apricot Lychee, Savory Peach, and Raspberry Lemon Ginger. If you’re on the go, pick up one of our of bottles of kombucha, we also have bottled brands like Rowdy Mermaid, Wild and Free Fermented Tea, and Joon.

Rowdy Mermaid kombucha fort collins revolution market

If you weren’t already convinced, Revolution Market has teamed up with Revolution Artisan Pops to offer an excitingly sweet twist on kombucha, Pop-tails! These trendy little treats combine fresh, on-tap kombucha with a mini ice-pop, in a flavor combo of your choice. The fruitiness of the popsicle helps to balance out the acidity of the kombucha  and creates exciting new flavors! They’re healthy, all-natural, and super Instagram worthy.

Kombucha Fort Collins Revolution Market poptail popsicle

So next time you need a refreshing drink on a hot day, or feel like your body could use a pick me up, stop by for a fresh glass of Kombucha and see it work wonders for your body too!

*Disclaimer: There have been no human based experiments to prove the benefits of kombucha.




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